Per the MLS Mission Statement: Your Privacy is our greatest concern at MLS.

You may not be aware of it, but the "Big Name" Search Engine websites can now record your personal information such as your computer's "IP Address" and record exactly where and what time you viewed all the websites you view when you use their websites to Search for anything. If you also use their "Free" email services, they can record your name, physical address and computer IP Address and record exactly where and when you Searched for anything on their website. Do you really want a Search Engine company to track and record your name and address and record every search you make on their website and then use your personal data for their desired use?

This is why we created the MLS Private Search Engine. Now you have an informative and private search engine service that will not record and not store your private website searches and not record and not store your private information such as your IP address. Finally you can surf the web and not have "Big Brother" watching over you and recording your every move.

The common practice by the "Big Name" Search Engines is to install a "Cookie" otherwise known as a "Browser Cookie" into your computer. This allows the Search Engine companies to track your private information such as your IP Address, User Agent and keep track of all the websites you have visited. Recording your private searches can tell a company a lot about your buying habits and a lot of other personal information about you. Search Engine companies are not required by law to track and store your private information such as which websites you searched and your IP Address. They track and store this private information about you to be able to sell more targeted advertising. This is not an illegal practice by the Search Engines as long as they disclose in their Terms of Service and in their Privacy Policy that you agree for them to collect your personal information. There is a way for you to opt out of them doing this. The best way for you to opt out is to use to conduct your searches since MLS will not track and not record your personal information.

MLS does not record any personal information about you period. MLS does not record your IP address, nor does MLS install any cookies on your computer. Anytime you go from to another website, it is possible a third party website could attempt to install a Cookie on your computer. There is a way to disable your computer from being able to accept Cookies. Contact your local computer store for instructions on how to disable "Cookies" on your computer. does not send any spam emails. If you receive an email that appears to come from that is questionable, it is most likely this email was sent by someone with a masking software to make the email appear to come from

MLS reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at anytime by posting changes to our Privacy Policy under this same heading.

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