You may not be aware of it, but most of the "Big Name" Search Engine websites can track and record your private information such as your IP Address and which websites you visited when you use their websites to Search the World Wide Web. Do you really want a Search Engine company to track and record your private searches and personal information while you search the World Wide Web on their website?

This is why we created the Private Search Engine services seen here at MLS.net℠. Now you have an informative and private search engine service that will not track your private searches and not record your private information. We believe you have a right to your privacy and we believe you deserve the ability to surf the Web without "Big Brother" watching over you and recording your private information.

MLS is a Free Search Engine service and a paid advertising service company. MLS provides high quality search engine matches to your requested searches and then links you to third party websites based on your typed in search terms. The links shown on MLS.net℠ to third party websites may or may not be paid advertisers found here on MLS.net℠.

MLS.net℠ is not a real estate broker controlled MLS a/k/a Multiple Listing Service. MLS.net℠ has no affiliations with any real estate broker controlled Multiple Listing Service companies. You may search MLS.net℠ to find real estate or to find anything else on Earth. MLS.net℠ is a World Wide Web Search Engine service that searches everything on the Earth.

If you have any suggestions to improve your experiences at MLS.net, please feel free to contact us at: ideas@mls.net.

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